Second Hand Fashion

Yes it is true, I am passionate about second hand fashion.  I wear it, I love it and I have built my business around second hand fashion.  This fashion is unique, affordable and kind to the environment.



Second hand fashion can set you apart from the cookie cutter apparel world.  The world in which everyone strives to be the same.  The world where “I want one just like that“.  The world where your identity is based on what everyone else is wearing.  Second hand, pre-owned fashion can be current fashion, last years fashion or even vintage fashion.  Most important, fashion purchased on your terms.  When you purchase second hand fashion your objective is finding that unique style that looks great on you!  The stress of trying to fit into the cookie cutter fashion world is no longer an issue.

sale save money

Financial Happiness


Financially, second hand clothing makes sense.  Clothing is so expensive these days.  Food and home expenses have skyrocketed.  Combine all those costs with raising children and expenses keep piling up.  The cold hard truth is life is expensive but we still need to look good!  Remember the saying, “if you look good you feel good!”  With this in mind second hand fashion comes to the rescue.  Not only can you find name brands at 80% of the retail cost but you can now afford to buy higher end clothing!  Higher end clothing is durable and can be an investment for your wardrobe.  To top it off, ALL of the second hand clothing I purchase is LIKE NEW condition!  Second hand does not mean you have to settle.  I guarantee you, like new can be found!



If you are still not convinced to purchase fashion second hand then let’s think green.  Every fashion purchase you make keeps our world a little cleaner.  There is so much waste, so much that goes unwanted, so much discarded in exchange for new.

I Love It & I Wear It

Now as mentioned, I not only have built my business around second hand fashion but I also love it and wear it.  My business is centered on sourcing out great locations or consignees who have great pre-owned, like new second hand clothing.  My eBay feedback in my eBay store, Designer Name Brand Goods and More, supports our dedication to offering great clothing!

I have to mention that in the past 3 years I have not purchased one new clothing item for myself.  An exception to this rule is I purchase my unmentionables brand new. Otherwise, all clothing, shoes, purses, accessories are all purchased for myself, second hand, for the very reasons I mentioned above.

I encourage you to give second hand a try.  Most likely once you try it you will never go back!  You just may find yourself saying “I am passionate about second hand fashion!”

For beautiful second hand fashions check out our store, Designer Name Brand Goods and More 

Tracy Evans boho peasant skirt (3) (330x640)Cherish tunic top


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