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Favorite Pair Of Jeans


The favorite pair of jeans is every woman’s dream.  I have two pairs myself.  They found me by accident and I thank the jean gods every time I wear them!  I have three requirements to classify as a favorite pair of jeans.

Designer name brand jeans


A favorite pair of jeans needs to have give and go.  That means they stretch to give you comfort so you can go about your day.  Eat a meal and still love your jeans!  As for shape, by the end of the day they must maintain their shape.  Jeans that loose their shape and create the illusion of elephant legs just do not create an attractive look.



A favorite pair of jeans needs to change like a chameleon.   Managing my eBay business from 6 am to 10 pm means  I have to fulfill a ton of  roles throughout the day.  And yes, I get to wear jeans all day for work!  One perk of owning my own business.   A day for me may involve a meeting, taking photos, shopping for inventory, filling in as a counselor at my husband’s work, shipping packages, or just sitting at the computer all day listing clothing and other fun stuff!   As my daily tasks change my jeans need to do the chameleon thing, and do it FAST.  I may dress my jeans up with a collard shirt, blazer and low heels.  Or dress them down with a knit shirt and converse!

cuffed jeans modelALL SEASON & THE CUFF

A favorite pair of jeans needs qualify for the 4 season & cuff check list!

  • Can you wear them in the spring ✓
  • Can you wear them in the summer ✓
  • Can you wear them in the fall ✓
  • Can you wear them in the winter ✓
  • Can they be cuffed ✓

The Cuff is essential to qualify as a favorite pair of jeans in my book.  The Cuff means all season wear and one of my favorite looks!  The cuff gets me through the Ohio winters knowing that spring is around the corner and I get to cuff my favorite pair of jeans!

cuffed jeans


No the jean gods did not really send them.  I found them in my eBay store of course!  On a whim I tried them on and unlisted them immediately!  Yes they are second hand. I have never have any luck finding a new pair of jeans off the rack that can qualify as a favorite pair!  Give my store a look.  I have a ton of great jeans listed!  Designer Name Brand Goods on eBay


check list


I encourage you to come up with your own list of what makes a favorite pair of jeans for you.  We all differ in our demands of a favorite jean!  Maybe the jean gods will be kind to you and you will find that favorite pair of jeans.  Don’t forget to look secondhand. Finding the perfect pair for a fraction of the cost makes them even more perfect!

Wishing you the best of luck finding The Favorite Pair Of Jeans!

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The Limited Jeans Drew fit medium wash blue cropped capri jeans size 4

The Limited Drew carpi jeans (1) (431x640)

G By Guess drew flare dark wash blue jeans size 25

G by guess

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7 for all mankind jeans



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