Fathers day memory

Happy Father’s Day – Share your memories

No this blog is not about fashion.  It’s not about my eBay store Designer Name Brand Goods.  It’s a little personal to help you get to know the person behind my store.  So enjoy my memory of my father and maybe it will help bring up some good memories of your father!



Happy Fathers Day!

For those of you who are missing your fathers like I do, make this a day of joy. Remember and share with loved ones favorite stories, things they liked or disliked, silly things you did and how they reacted and etc…. For example one story I will share with my children about my dad today. My dad loved french fries. Late at night, before McDonald’s would close he would rustle my mother and I away from our TV show and ask us to go get fries with him! We would hop into his convertible with the top down, stars above and go enjoy some fries. 

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