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Shoes tips and care for a beautiful shoe collection!

I just purchased two pairs of shoes from my store Designer Name Brand Goods! After I modeled my “new to me shoes” for my family, I got down to business.  Shoe Business that involves 3 shoe tips and care that lead to a beautiful shoe collection !

SHOE BUSINESS  Donald J Pliner red boots (6) (640x428)

I know….shoe business sounds like such a funny statement.  Shoe business involves 3 steps for me that lead to a beautiful shoe collection!

  1. In & out rule
  2. Longevity
  3. Home


The in and out rule is a very simple rule that I follow for any new items that enter my closet. Simply, when a new item comes in an old item must come out.  Take a look at the photos below.  The first photo shows the shoes I brought in yesterday and the second photo shows the shoes that went out.

I give myself 3 options for the items that go out.

  • Donate to charity
  • Give to a friend
  • Consign

If you consign make sure you find a store that rotates their stock and offers a great split. For example Gerri’s Closet is a brick and mortar store located in Green, Ohio that offers a 50/50 split and keeps the item for 90 days.  That means Gerri is rotating her stock and giving her loyal customers a reason to come back.  A store that has stale items is just no fun to shop in!


I don’t know about you but I am on a shoe budget.  That means I have to take very good care of my shoes to make them last.  When I bring in a new pair of shoes I like to apply a leather conditioner or protective spray for fabric shoes.  The leather condition, Lexol is magical!  It can turn dull leather into a new pair of shoes!  The protective spray by Journeys is just as magical!  This spay reminds me of waxing a car.  Water just beads up on the shoe like a good wax job on a car!

lexol shoe conditioner


After I protect my shoes my next step is to secure a good home for my shoes. I rearrange my shoes on shoe racks on the floor of my closet.  Each shoe has a spot.  Shoes are not stacked upon each other.  They have room to breath and do not run the risk of getting scratched or crushed!  If you have the room you can store shoes in clear shoe boxes or recycle old furniture to hold shoes.  Tip…let those shoes air  out a day after wearing before you box them away!

Now that you have 3 shoe tips and care that lead to a beautiful shoe collection the only thing left to do is go to eBay and shop for some shoes!   Or if you are itching for some fresh air go to your local consignment store!

SHOP FOR SHOES @ Designer Name Brand Goods

Live close to Green, Ohio?

Check out brick & mortar family owned Gerri’s Closet



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