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Lately, I seem to be surrounded by individuals trying to find jobs.  Young and old.  I realized even though there is a difference in age, there is a common theme among both age groups. Negativity and despair which lead to poor body language and lack luster speech.  All qualities that are sure to NOT land a job.

Head Trash

head trash

When trying to find a job there is no room for negativity and despair wandering around in your head.  Lets just call it what it is, head trash. Head trash that if not taken control of will take over and become reality.  For example my young friend told me the other day … “I am too young, they will never want to hire me.”  Well my first thought listening to this head trash was, oh honey you are so right.  I personally would never want to hire someone who does not believe in themselves.

Negativity & Despair negativity

It is so easy to let the negativity and despair capture our minds.  We have bills to pay. People counting on us.  Dreams to achieve.  I could go on and on.  But when looking for a job you need to turn your mind into a steel trap.  Do not let negativity and despair in.  If they creep in, set up a separate room for them in your head, shove them in and shut the door.  Being aware is the first step to stopping negativity and despair.

Poor Body Language & Speechbody language

If you are letting negativity & despair rule your job search most likely it has snatched your body and speech.  You may not realize it but this head trash will slow you down. The way you walk, your actions and your speech become negative.  You may feel that you are hiding these thoughts but let me tell you right now … you can not hide negativity and despair.  It is seen by all. Everyone who counts in your job search sees it.  Friends, family, acquaintances, the recruiter who calls up up on the phone to ask you a few questions, the human resource manager interviewing you.  Shall I go on?  Do you get my point?  Everyone you come in contact with can hear your negativity & despair and see your negativity & despair.  Who wants to hire that?  Who wants to work with that?  Who wants to recommend that?  Not me.  People are put off by another persons negativity & despair and will avoid it at all costs.  They may tolerate it for a short time but if you can not eventually control it that friend will take that shoulder they lent you and walk away.

Remember everyone you come in contact with can potentially help you find a job…even family members.  No one wants to help someone who is consumed by head trash.

What do I know?new job

What do I know about this?  How can I give advise?  Well I know despair & negativity very well.  I was raised by it and can recognize it in a heart beat.  Also I have worked in the staffing field. I have heard all the excuses you can think of for why a job can’t be found.  I myself have had to find jobs when all seemed to be lost.  Every job I have landed has been from my positive attitude, often times beating out a more qualified individual because of my positive attitude.

Now I am not perfect.  Yes, negativity and despair gets me every now and then. Sometimes it gets me for a few weeks before I notice.  But I am aware.  I can catch myself and shove that negativity and despair out of my thoughts.  Here are some tips that I use.

  • It may sound silly but the written word works wonders.  Write I can statements.
    • I can find a job.
    • I am young and fresh and will add life to the company  that hires me.
    • I am older but experienced, and can increase profits for a company.
  • Mend those negative bridges you created
    • If you have been negative make a point tell everyone you have a new attitude.
    • Keep in mind if you do not have this new attitude they will see that.
    • Keep in mind if you do have a new attitude they will see it and keep watching and then most likely be more open to helping you, recommending you and etc.
  • Make finding a job a full time job.
    • Full time + over time, Monday – Sunday
    • Research job finding tips
    • Find a friend who can serve as a job coach.  This job coach will become your boss.  Report to them weekly.  Give them reports on who you sent resumes to.  Discuss interviews you went on.  Have them do a mock interview with you, focusing on questions you found difficult to answer in real interviews.
  • Treat yourself.
    • Set high goals and if you meet them treat yourself.  For example I would force myself to send out so many resumes in a week and if I achieved that goal I earned a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips from the grocery store!


Remember negativity and despair which lead to poor body language and lack luster speech are  All qualities that are sure to NOT land you a job.  Use my tips and most importantly be aware and you will find that job.

Written by Lyn, lynowner of Designer Name Brand Goods eBay store.  Career and casual clothing at rock bottom prices that can help you land that job!







Part Time work to make ends meet

I sell on eBay not only because I love to but because I have to.  Lets face it, prices have gone up but salaries continue to remain stagnant.  For some families a part time job along with a full time job is necessary to make ends meet.  So today I write to you in case you are living life in my shoes.  I am going to encourage you, that yes, you too can make ends meet by selling on eBay from the comfort of your home, just like me!

EARN $200 weekly

Now that I am working full time I average about $200 a week selling on eBay.  Due to some eBay changes the site is going through I am currently trying to figure how to get that number up.  I promise if I figure it out I will let you know!


The secret to selling on eBay is to list daily.  The other secret is to make sure you have listings ending every day.  It is that easy!

WHAT TO LISTJones New Yorktalbots shoesDesigner name brand jeans

As for what to list it is up to you.  For example I just listed a Talbots womens shirt today.  I love to sell clothing.  It’s easy to list, easy to store and easy to ship.  Below is the link to the listing.  If you have a similar shirt just select “sell similar” and mimic my listing!  Of course you need an eBay account set up first!

Talbots Button Down Shirt Womens Sz 2 Red Black Plaid Cotton Blend Ruffle Front


If you need Part Time work to make ends meet I highly recommend you give ebay a try.  I am living proof!

Check out my eBay Store  Designer Name Brand Goods and More

You may find something great to buy or you may realize “yes I can sell on eBay part time!”

lyn 2 Lyn, owner of Designer Name Brand Goods and More on eBay


The Holiday Outfit Hangover

Oh Tis The Season for The Holiday Outfit!  The brand new outfit that we have been buying yearly, since we were children.  It’s tradition, it’s fun, it’s just what you were raisholiday-outfited to do! You plan your shopping trip.  You race around 20 stores till you find the right outfit.  The
holiday party arrives and you carefully cut off the new tags. The end result is you look good, you feel good and off you go to your holiday party.



The day after your holiday party arrives you most likely will suffer from a new outfit hangover.  That new outfit is not so new anymore.  Worst of all, lurking in the back of your mind is that credit card balance.  A credit card balance with all your holiday gifts and that new outfit!  At this point and time all you can hope for was a good photo of you in that pricey outfit!



You can avoid a new outfit hangover by shopping in my online store,  Designer Name Brand Goods And More.  Buy an entire outfit that is new to you and easy on your budget!   I promise you, NO ONE WILL KNOW YOUR OUTFIT IS NOT NEW!  I only buy what looks new and many other eBay sellers follow my strict buying guidelines also.  We have trendy outfits ready for that holiday party!


The end result if you dedicate your self to stopping The New Outfit Hangover;

  • You and your credit card balance will look great!



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My eBay store is a small family operated business.  Every customer we treat like family!

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Earning Cash for the Holiday

Holiday Dread

I am one of those individuals who dreads the Holidays.  My life is one big budget and Christmas never seems to have room in the budget.  This factor alone is how I got started selling on eBay.bah-humbug

Earn Cash for the Holiday

If you need some extra money for the holidays this is the perfect time to get started selling on eBay.  You can pull up a YouTube video that will take you step by step.  It is that easy! Back in my day I had no help and had to just figure it out on my own.  So you can do it!


What to sell

To start just find some items in your home.  Look at the item and pretend you are a buyer.  What would you pay for it?  The trick is to detach yourself form this item and simply put “GET OVER HOW MUCH YOU PAID FOR THE ITEM”!  The buyer does not care that you paid $100 for the item.  They want a deal.  I personally take 50-75% off the original price, sometimes even more if it does not sell.

Start simple

I am currently training my big brother to sell on eBay and made sure that his first item was simple and super easy to ship.  His first sale was a soft item that he could put in a padded envelope.

Make sure you have shipping figured out.  Do you have a box or envelope.  Do you have the materials to make sure it ships safe?

Not into selling but still need help with holiday budget?


Buy on eBay!  You can find some amazing deals from great sellers.  Essentially you are helping yourself and helping a small business owner.  I promise there are many sellers out there just like me that work 60 plus hours on our stores with the sole purpose to support our families and make our customers happy!


I hope my post will ease the stress of the holidays!

Thank you for reading from,

Designer Name Brand Goods & More on eBay 


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designer-name-brandOtherwise known as DNBG … I know what was I thinking when I choose such a long name?  



Fitness & Fashion Beauty Secret for all sizes

Regardless of your size and shape, if you are fit you will feel as beautiful as the clothing you purchase.  That’s the simple secret!  Once a hater of fitness, I now am a believer in fitness.  Why a fitness hater? TIME!!!!!!  THERE ARE JUST NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY!  I work my eBay fashion business full time plus I sell grave markers part time!  Crazy combo but two fields I am very passionate about!  You would think working in the death care industry would motivate but……I could come up with every excuse in the world not to work out. Then something happened.  Read more to find out!


I was introduced to a treadmill!  More like I was dragged into the gym and pushed onto a treadmill.  So with my bad attitude, smart phone and ear buds in hand, I started walking.  I dialed into a downloaded book and was instantly hooked!  While I listened to my book I noticed the heart rate and miles.  Wow!  After 20 minuets my workout was over and I was already planning when I should come back!  The best part was I FELT GREAT!  This feeling lasted all day and all night.  The next morning was even better.  I put on my outfit for the day and I felt as beautiful as the clothing I was wearing!  That’s when I realized that fashion and fitness should go hand in hand!

Now please know that I am a true believer that we are all made to be our own shape and size.  Some are meant to be thin and others are meant to be curvy.   Both shapes are BEAUTIFUL.  Regardless of your shape you need fitness in your life. Fitness shapes our mind, our soul and simply can make you feel beautiful!  I have never been one to feel beautiful.  But I have to say now that I have been at this treadmill I feel beautiful inside and out. Sounds silly I know, but true.  I am now committed to scheduling 45 min, 5 days a week into my day to make a trip to the gym and find that glorious treadmill.


Fashion and fitness

My goal is not to shed pounds but to tone and gain endurance.  I am what they call “skinny fat”.  My goal is not to huff and puff going up and down steps.  My goal is to tone up some of those areas that have seemed to “go south”.

Your goal may be different.  If you are trying to loose weight I recommend seeing a doctor first and getting the green light to start your fitness program.  Remember, I also work in the death care industry so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

If you are going to see a doctor DO NOT PUT IT OFF!  If you have read this article and think “yes I am going to feel as beautiful as the clothing I wear” then make an appointment TODAY to see your doctor.  DO NOT PUT THIS OFF!  The saddest monuments I design are for  those who never got a chance to live a full life.



If a treadmill is not your thing pick another type of work out.  There are so many forms of exercise out there just pick one!  Google working out to get more ideas.

  • Yoga
  • Jumping Rope
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Biking

eating well


Now that I am getting fit I am making better choices as to what I eat.  I still eat anything I want but in moderation.  I am a big believer in not depriving yourself.  But I also believe in selecting a variety foods and not over doing any one kind of food.

eBay store


Remember how I said that fitness can make you feel as beautiful as the clothing you wear? Once you start meeting your fitness goals treat yourself to a new outfit each week.  If you don’t meet your goal then NO outfit.  You may think that can get pricey but it’s really not! Get on eBay or go to your local consignment store and find some high end brands at low end prices!  For example, I sell many tops in my eBay store for $4-$15 on average.  I think a name brand shirt and pants for a total of $8 – $20 a week would be a great instinctive to get in shape!

Check out my eBay Clothing Store

Over 800 like new or new clothing and more in our store!

blousenew skirtwestboundtalbots shoes


I hope that I have encouraged you that regardless of your size and shape, if you are fit you will feel as beautiful as the clothing you purchase.  So get committed today and feel fit and beautiful!


Fathers day memory

Happy Father’s Day – Share your memories

No this blog is not about fashion.  It’s not about my eBay store Designer Name Brand Goods.  It’s a little personal to help you get to know the person behind my store.  So enjoy my memory of my father and maybe it will help bring up some good memories of your father!



Happy Fathers Day!

For those of you who are missing your fathers like I do, make this a day of joy. Remember and share with loved ones favorite stories, things they liked or disliked, silly things you did and how they reacted and etc…. For example one story I will share with my children about my dad today. My dad loved french fries. Late at night, before McDonald’s would close he would rustle my mother and I away from our TV show and ask us to go get fries with him! We would hop into his convertible with the top down, stars above and go enjoy some fries.