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NICE is Power

Are you a nice person?  I am.  Been told at times to nice. According to La La Anthony’s book, The Power Playbook, being nice leads to power.

I have tried not to be “so” nice.  I put on my tough face.  I try to be a silent powerful force.ANGRY FACE I encourage myself to not say “Good Morning”.  It only lasts 10 minutes before smiles and “can I help with that” bubbles out of me. Reading La La’s book made me realize it’s ok to be nice.  Nice leads to power in your life.  She made me realize that my being nice is actually my gift.

Nice is POWER

Being nice has given me the power to take care of my family.  It enables me to continue to grow my eBay business.  Being nice enabled me this past year to make a career change in a down economy so that I can provide my family with much needed medical benefits. Have you figured out that I work a ton?  I do but you would never know it because I am nice!  (I only whine to a few select friends!) Being nice got me the job and continues to grow my online business.  Being nice makes me happy.  Being nice allows me to continue to reach for the stars.

Life Can Steal Nice

No matter how tired I am.  No matter how sad I am.  No matter if I just got bad news, I am a nice person.  I have to admit menopause is testing my nice behavior.  But for the HAPPYmost part I do not let my moods control the nice person that I am.  Now I must fess up.  I am one of those people who when stress hits I fall into my work and work makes me happy.  Thus it may be easier for me to be nicer than the average person cause I work so darn much!

Not Everyone Likes Nice

Those of you who have read my past post you know that I am trying to find a sense of who I am now that I am in my 40’s.  After reading about nice in La La’s book, I am happy to find that my being nice is power.  Reflection has also made me realize the following:

  • I allow not so nice people to crush me.  It’s hard for me to understand such unhappiness.  I have lived a hard life and I am nice.  How can they not be nice when I am?  I find myself avoiding not so nice people.
    • I plan to not judge and not let others attitudes affect me.
  • I have found myself trying to force my nice nature on others.
    • I plan to be nice and approachable as always but not go overboard on the non-receptive.  Let’s face it.  Not everyone likes nice.  It can be annoying to some so I need to respect that.  I will still be nice but give them space.
  • I am not going to apologize for being nice.  Being nice is just who I am.  It is a gift.  I see now how many opportunities I have been given in life just from being nice.

Nice or Not so Nice

If you are nice, realize it leads to power in life.  Don’t try to change who you are.  If you are not overly nice it’s not to late to be nicer.  Remember Nice leads to Power.  Figure out why you are not nice.  Are there changes you need to make in your life?  Manage your moods and keep them out of the work place.  Make an effort to be nice.  Take baby steps and you will be surprised by the outcome.  SMILE

Take care,


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Self Doubt to Confidence

For me being in my 40’s has had a positive effect.  For the first time in my life I feel comfortable in my own skin.  It makes me wonder what was I missing in my teens, 20’s and 30’s?

I have come to a realization lately that my level of comfort was only due to a safe safeenvironment I crafted for myself.  Self doubt never had a chance to creep back into my life.  My career and friends were hand selected to ensure safety and success.  Anyone or anything that altered those positive feelings were avoided.  What I was missing in my 20’s and 30’s was never actually found.

My realization has come about due to a career change, my children growing up and lovely menopause.  I feel blessed to have this sudden revelation.  I had a false confidence of me but plan to develop a real sense of who I am.  As I work on me I hope to strengthen my relationships with my family and friends.  And maybe I will even allow some new relationships to enter my life!

My first step is to read and listen to some great books for real life tips.  I am actually juggling two books now.  You are a  BADASS you are a badassby Jen Sincero and The Power Playbook by La La The power playbookAnthony.  The Badass book I am reading by hard copy.  The Power Playbook I am listening to in audio on my way to work and while I grow my eBay business in the evenings and weekends.

My next step is to share how I evolve.  They say “sharing is caring.”  Sharing my own grown each Sunday may create a difference for someone in similar shoes.   So if you are an eBay customer who follows my online clothing store or if you have just stumbled on this article I hope you enjoy and grow with me.

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Part Time work to make ends meet

I sell on eBay not only because I love to but because I have to.  Lets face it, prices have gone up but salaries continue to remain stagnant.  For some families a part time job along with a full time job is necessary to make ends meet.  So today I write to you in case you are living life in my shoes.  I am going to encourage you, that yes, you too can make ends meet by selling on eBay from the comfort of your home, just like me!

EARN $200 weekly

Now that I am working full time I average about $200 a week selling on eBay.  Due to some eBay changes the site is going through I am currently trying to figure how to get that number up.  I promise if I figure it out I will let you know!


The secret to selling on eBay is to list daily.  The other secret is to make sure you have listings ending every day.  It is that easy!

WHAT TO LISTJones New Yorktalbots shoesDesigner name brand jeans

As for what to list it is up to you.  For example I just listed a Talbots womens shirt today.  I love to sell clothing.  It’s easy to list, easy to store and easy to ship.  Below is the link to the listing.  If you have a similar shirt just select “sell similar” and mimic my listing!  Of course you need an eBay account set up first!

Talbots Button Down Shirt Womens Sz 2 Red Black Plaid Cotton Blend Ruffle Front


If you need Part Time work to make ends meet I highly recommend you give ebay a try.  I am living proof!

Check out my eBay Store  Designer Name Brand Goods and More

You may find something great to buy or you may realize “yes I can sell on eBay part time!”

lyn 2 Lyn, owner of Designer Name Brand Goods and More on eBay